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With over 30 years of experience in the Home Improvement and Roofing Industry in The Wirral and Chester areas in particular, with an attention to detail and an awareness of the both positives and negatives of the Industry, we have considerable experience to offer and strive at all times to bring an enjoyable and professional high quality service to all of our customers and we are never very far away!

Your Roof is the most important part of your property apart from maybe the foundations and the walls themselves, however all too often our Roofs are neglected mainly due to the fact that we tend not to look at them often, unless by chance or by someone bringing something to our attention.

Which brings us to the question regarding our Roofs, Do we wait for a leak to occour or a tile to break, crack and blow off or a Ridge Tile to come crashing down due to the fact that maybe no attention has been paid to any periodic maintenance? if so what could the consequences be?

Firstly it takes a considerable amount of time for water penetration to show through a ceiling for example, Damage already done! Roof Felt Damp; Battens Rotten, Loft Insulation Damp; Lagging Sodden, Ceiling Shot with Rotten Plasterboards! If your Ridge Tiles are Loose this can have disastrous consequences should one or more of them come off!, apart from leaving the apex exposed to the elements, a cascading Ridge Tile can cause considerable damage to the tiles as it falls and of course anything it lands on or crashes through including someone who may happen to be passing below!

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Solar Power for your Residence

In an uncertain energy market our focus is on The Home Energy Sector, bringing the advantages of PV Solar Energy to Homes, advising on Benefits, Services & Design, Solar Optimisation and Power Storage Options for Home and Family.

During the Spring/Summer of 2017, As a UK Home Owner you may still be able to benifit from the Governments Financial Incentives for installing a Solar Energy System at your place of residence. This would depend on a number of factors which can be looked at and discussed during an initial (FIT assessment) survey and free consultation in order to look at the viability of a Solar Energy System, where a Government SAP (MIS 3002) Survey is conducted in order to assess if it is worth consideration.

If you do qualify you can "Save on your Rising Electricity Bills, Earn Money from your System and Considerably Enhance the Value of your Property"

Whilst there is a growing interest in Energy Saving Systems across the UK in particular Solar Power, it is important that Solar Panels and Thermal Panels are fitted to a sound substrate, as with anything the base, under structure and fixings are the most important part of ensuring any equipment is secure and safe but also stands the test of time and endures the harsh weather conditions which hit our Roofs!